Our Story

Two paths, one road. Two hearts, one dream. Two voices and styles that create a dynamic blend that bring something new to the country music scene. Singer/songwriters, and newlyweds, William (lead singer of The Modern Day Drifters) and Kari, become one. Kari began singing at the age of 4 to Leann Rimes’, “I Wanna Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart,” started writing songs at 14, and taught herself how to play the guitar at 17. William taught himself how to play guitar, started writing songs in his teens and has been entertaining audiences ever since he was 16. Kari and William have been taking their own paths with their eyes on the same prize until they met at a singing competition, fell in love and recently got married. With their same love of writing, singing and performing, it was only natural for the two love birds to put all of their eggs into one basket.  Between the two national recording artists, they have over 100 original songs of love, life and heartbreak. Together, they produce a high energy, modern and intimate twist to country music.Kari and William are members of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) and BMI.  Kari recorded her first EP, “Something New,” which she helped co-produce and William just released his album, “Whirlwind of Emotion,” which he is also co-produced.  They both can be found on iTunes and Kari on Google Play.

From Lansing Michigan, Kari Holmes and The Modern Day Drifters, come with a complete marketing plan, including but not limited to flyers, emails, newsletters, and social networks that include a list of upcoming tour dates and show case performances to promote your event. You can get a full list of their tour at their website. They have a vast and large following on all of their social networks. On
Facebook, they have over 3,900 Likes, Twitter has over 500 followers and over 15,000 fans on Reverbnation! Together they have had over 12,000 radio plays on both air ways and internet radio. Kari is currently promoting her single “Something New” and William just released his single “Dark Windows.”
Kari’s vocal ability and energetic performance on stage has led her to being compared to such artists as Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, and Carrie Underwood. William’s high-octane performances have been compared to the likes of Eric Church, Brad Paisley and Justin Moore. By combining their two styles of performing, you get an action packed show like The Band Perry with the intimacy of Thompson Square.

Kari Holmes (lead vocals, singer/songwriter, rhythm guitar, banjo, mandolin)
Fresh, young, beautiful and talented with an ability to turn heads in a crowded room! Kari is a passionate singer/songwriter, entertainer, musician and national recording artist! In her words, “It’s a way to express how I react to what life gives me…good and bad, and with that, I can reach out to others.” She's moving her way on up into the country/rock music scene. She's been described as a cross between Shania Twain, not only for her looks, but for her talent and attitude as well, Taylor Swift for her young spirit and songwriting abilities, and Carrie Underwood for her big voice. Kari is the new country/rock while her voice crosses over into blues.
Although Kari's sexy innocence and "the girl next door" look stands out, she has a fierce side to her as well that she pulls out in her writing and performances. She might stand under 5'4", but don't let that fool you. She knows of love, loss and heartbreak and has written over 60 songs expressing just that. She pours her heart and soul into everything she does and stays true to her bubbly, friendly, high spirited personality. Even though she's felt pain and known heartbreak, she still writes of hope, faith and the importance of keeping your dignity, being an aspiring, positive role model to all. Her current EP, "Something New," which she wrote and co-produced is currently out of stock, so she will be back in the studio to finish the entire album!

William Shadrick (vocals, singer/songwriter, rhythm/lead guitar, banjo, mandolin)
At an early age, William could be found singing along with Waylon Jennings to start every Dukes of Hazard episode. William was never shy and it was destined the first time he took the stage. From a young age William was trained in guitar and vocals and age 16 he began to write songs and perform. Unlike so many young artists, William stayed true to his roots, never wanting to play anything other than country music. William honed his style of country music by taking influence from many of the all time greats. He grew up on Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Vince Gill, George Strait, Alan Jackson and many more. Today, you can see the influence of today’s stars like Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, and Eric Church in his unique style of country. He has a new, young sound that also stays true to his roots.The energy that William brings to the stage can be felt in every note that he sings. William’s love for country music is obvious when he performs.  He is always interacting with his audience and involving them in his shows. "It’s always a great feeling seeing the crowd dance and sing along with the greatest hits, but when I see them do the same with my originals, there are no words to describe what I feel. I truly have fun doing what I love. Whether I write about love, heartbreak, life or cold beer, I’m always writing. It’s how I handle life…every aspect of it. If there’s a story to be told, I want to tell it!” The beat of his music is palpable and the crowd can’t help but dance! He is currently in the studio finishing his album, "Whirlwind of Emotion," which he wrote and co-produced. William has performed for many events such as The Kenny Chesney Beach Bash at Ford Field, WYCD Downtown Hoedown, Freedom Hill with Gretchen Wilson, and Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Bert Franco (lead guitar, harmony)
Bert has been turning heads in honky tonks since the tender age of 15. If not for his ability on a guitar than for his command of the bass fiddle. He is well known in the community for his music both on and off the stage. He’s been a private music instructor for 9 years and a performer for the last 12. In one year he has played coast to coast; California to the Carolinas. Played festivals in Nashville, TN and his home state of Michigan. Bert has been a student of music his whole life. He has had the fortune of studying under the greats, Brandon Stultz, John Lawrence and Joe Summers. His musical influences highlight roots rock and roll pioneers, Bakersfield outlaws and Modern virtuosos. Little Richard, Joe Maphis, Elvis, Carl Perkins, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats, Joe Satriani, Brad Paisley and Dan Peters of the Westside Winders. 

Pete Johnson (bass, harmony)
Pete has crossed genres from hard rock to county bringing with him a fresh, edgy sound to the band. Inspired musically at age four, he began piano lessons where he cultivated his natural ability to understand the theory of music. Using his knowledge from twelve years of piano lessons and some helpful tips from Dad, Pete taught himself to play guitar by age eight and bass by age ten. Pete's path continued to be guided by music into his teens where he refined his vocal and bass playing skills in many of Howell High School's choirs and various local praise bands. His involvement in the church helped to lay the framework for B.I.C, Believer's in Christ, a heavy Christian rock group that he helped create in 1998. For ten years he performed, wrote music and recorded two ten-
track records with B.I.C. During this time he also pursued a musical career giving guitar and bass lessons at Schafer's House of Music in Howell, Michigan. More recently Pete was asked to perform with Five Rows Back, a Christian rock group. Together they recorded a three track EP and played in music festivals such as The Big Ticket one of the largest faith based festivals in the nation. Transitioning into something new, Pete became the bass player for the band who accompanied The Stand Strength Team a non-profit, national program promoting anti-bullying, anti-violence and respecting others. The team consists of athletes displaying feats of strength to live music. Pete is looking forward to drawing from all past experiences and taking that knowledge with him down this new country road.

Paul Normus (drums, harmony)
Paul began tapping on boxes and Tupperware at an early age and has been playing drums in bands ever since he got his first real drum set. Over the years he has played with groups doing everything from oldies to new wave, gospel to blues, punk to folk, top 40 to modern country, and classic covers to indie originals. Paul’s music endeavors have taken him to the stages of local pubs, concert halls, corporate events, and music festivals in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. Prior to his move to Michigan, he performed with a Toledo-based vintage rock band that was a winner of the Lake Erie People’s Choice Awards three years in a row. While his range of drumming influences are too numerous to mention, Paul draws particular inspiration from creative minimalists such as Butch Norton, Steve Jordan, Joey Castillo, Ringo Starr, and Glenn Kotche.