Behind the Music:
The recording process for both Kari and William was a great experience. "The studio felt like a second home to me - it was a place where I could let my hair down, be creative and silly at the same time. I think that really shaped my EP," says Kari. "I even dressed up one night as wonder woman cause there was no way I was going to miss Halloween! Her EP, "Something New" contains four songs that she wrote and co-produced along with Mark Cabrera and Adams Audio Works. "The song, 'Something New,' started out as just lyrics and a melody in my head. I didn't get my guitar out for this one, which is quite strange of me. It just sort of evolved, and surprisingly, evolved into one of my favorites on the EP. I think every girl can relate to this song. I wrote it about a relationship that fooled me. I thought it was real, I thought it was love, but in reality, it was his own messed up version of love. I was something he thought he could control...WRONG!"
William says, "Co-producing with Kerry, from Adams Audio Works and working with all of the musicians that took part in it was more than I could ever ask for. We became a family! You never knew what was going to happen in the studio. I had just written a song, played it for the guys and all of a sudden, it's on the album now! At the same time, there were songs that were hard decide whether to put them on the album or keep them for later,  but at the end of the day, I couldn't be happier with the selection. I decided to go with 'Whirlwind of Emotion' for the album name because the album is full of just that! From songs about cold beer, to losing the one you love, to what matters most in life, and finding your true love and holding on for dear life, the record is a whirlwind of emotion!"